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Products In Bayfield, CO

pine riverPine River Pawn also has several other products for sale, buy, and trade.
We buy gold and silver, including jewelry, coins, bars, and other forms of precious metals.


We have many electronics in stock including TVs, DVD players, laptops, desktop computers, blue ray players, CD players, stereos, GPS systems, speakers, and video game consoles. We accept any of these items in good condition as well as any accessories that go along with it such as cables, USB drives, games, DVDs, and cases.

Sporting Goods

We have all kinds of sporting good equipment for various sports. Baseball: gloves, balls, catcher’s mitts, cleats, and bats. Basketball: balls and replacement nets. Football: footballs, shoulder pads, knee pads, and helmets. Tennis: rackets, balls, and nets. Bowling: balls, shoes, and bags. Golf: balls, clubs, bags, ball cleaners. We also have many hiking, camping, canoeing, and fishing supplies. Any type of sport you can play, we have some products for you.

Native Items

Our area is home to a large Native American population, so we have native items for sale. These include beads, feathers, leather, dream catchers, jewelry, blankets, moccasins, pipes and herbs, Tomahawks, books and videos, music, and other clothing. Local handmade products are great to buy or sell because they are unique.


Pine River Pawn’s collectible items include figurines, trading cards, coins, candles, model cars, antiques, and themed collectibles from TV shows, movies, sports teams, and celebrities. This is our most unique and ever-changing collection, so be sure to take advantage of a great find. We may also have iconic character collectibles such as the Muppets, Mickey Mouse, Disney movies, dolls, and more.


We also have and buy many varieties of jewelry from costume to expensive diamond jewelry. You’ll find necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, anklets, and hair clips in gold, silver, copper, and with precious gemstones. Styles include glam, boho, antique, bold, Native American, calligraphy, and more. Whether you’re looking for a cute necklace for Friday night’s party or a special piece for a prom or wedding, we can find something for you here.


Horseback riding is very popular in the Bayfield area, so we have saddles and take saddles for sale or trade. The different types include general purpose, dressage, jumping, hunting, western, side, treeless, Australian stock, and kids’ saddles. Find one in black, light tan, or deep brown. High quality brands include 5 Star Equine Products, Abetta, Alamo Saddlery, Breyer, Cashel, Durango, Myler Bits, Resinsman, and many more.


Pine River Pawn even has some clothing available. This includes baby, kids, juniors, women’s and men’s clothing as well as plus size. We have jackets, t-shirts, jeans, dresses, dress pants, shoes, and more. We sometimes have specialty clothing such as motorcycle gear, riding clothes, fitness gear, and swimsuits. Come in and see what we have.