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Musical Instruments In Bayfield, CO

musical1Pine River Pawn also buys, sells, and trades musical instruments of all types. The instruments you bring in need to be in good working condition and clean. We have new and used musical instruments for sale as well. Major brands include Pure Tone, Yamaha, Casio, Boss, Fender, Gibson, Martin, and more.


We have acoustic, electric, and bass guitars and accept these items as well. There are basic beginner styles, advanced skill guitars, and specialty shapes and designs. We also have amplifiers to go with them.


Pine River Pawn has a rotating stock of many percussion instruments including snare drums, base drums, bongo drums, drum sets, triangles, cymbals, maracas, rainmakers, accordions, and xylophones.


Also a type of percussion instrument, we have grand pianos, baby grand pianos, organs, keyboards, and electric pianos.


For school band purposes or just playing for fun, we have woodwinds such as flutes, clarinets, bassoons, and oboes.


Several string instruments are available and needed at Pine River Pawn. These include violins, violas, harps, cellos, double bass, banjos, and more.


Find your next brass instrument or sell one you don’t need for cash at our store. We have trumpets, saxophones, French horns, trombones, and tubas. We offer discounted prices!
Vocal and Accessories: If you’re a singer, we have products for you as well.

We also have many musical accessories. These include microphones, tuners, pitch pipes, song books, music stands, cases, cleaning clothes, brass polish, and more.